Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Why a Blog?

We have nothing to add to the overcrowded information super-highway. However, if C.J. Mahaney is right when he says God gives us "post-it notes" of His grace in a hundred different ways everyday, then this blog will serve us to record with others God's shocking graces in our lives.

Let's begin with the cross. All my sin merits is God's judgement. Then why a beautiful wife and two wonderful children; a home; family; friends? Only one answer: God's shocking graces that tremor from the quake of Calvary. If Jesus took care of my greatest need by recieving God's wrath against my sin on the cross, let me be aware that anything good that I will boast in will be a boasting in the cross that purchased all these things (Gal. 6:14). Thank you Jesus!

1 comment:

justin said...

Rob, Thanks for reminding me of the cross and helping me get near its flames. I miss you guys! Post some pics of the house.