Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I Must Get to Know this Family

I was just wasting time early this morning at work and linked over to this blog from Mark Lauterbach's blog when I was overcome by reality. I think day by day I am living in reality until I bump into real life--which always involves real pain. What struck me by this story is this picture taken just four days before their son died. I want this picture to change my life. I want to stare at this real life situation and let it serve me as a growing reminder of the reality of pain all around me in this fallen world. Moreover--Moreover--Moreover!!!! Let this picture remind me of the beauty of God's grace. Even here--even here God's gracious gospel is providing power (Rom. 1:16). Power to go on. Power to hope. Power to believe God's promises that he will cause all things to work together for our good and his glory (Rom. 8:28). Every moment his children walk through the valley of the shadow of death His invisible hand leads them to secret places of joy in the presence of the Suffering Savior (Phil. 3:10). God, don't ever let me get over this photo.


SA said...

Indeed, it would bless you greatly to get to know this family! I've had that privilege for 10 years now. I walked the vale of tears with Dan during that difficult season when he lost his son, and I saw first-hand the transforming power of the Gospel. That powerful picture is a true testimony of God's grace to Dan and the entire Cruver family.

And Dan's blog ( is worth getting to know as well.

Thanks for such a kind post!

Rob Tombrella said...

Not sure how you found this--but thank you for for your comment.