Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tim Keller Hub

Several friends of mine have asked where you can find Tim Keller sermons (for free). I have suggested several sites, but found the hub today. Thanks Reformissionary. The picture doesn't help, but the glasses he wears are gospel-lenses.


Steve said...

Glad to help.

justin said...

Rob, I come to you as a brother and fellow-blogger. It seems as though your blog is severly backslidden. I charge you to repent and get to blogging. You became a blogger to inform the world of the unbelievable and shocking graces poured out on you. It must be that you are no longer expereiencing those graces, or worse, you don't want to share them with the world. If your blog does not shape up, I will be bringing 2 other concerned bloggers with me to talk with you. If you still do not bless us with more posts, we will be forced to hand you over and treat you as if you were not a blog. Please do not force me to practice 'blog discipline' on you.

How about a practical suggestion: One post a week? Is that too much to ask?

Rob Tombrella said...

Can I not be shocked by the grace of God in discovering a treasure of Tim Keller resources?

Can I not be shocked by the common grace of a superhero movie that in some small ways borrow from Hero who is Christ?

Nevertheless. I do repent. If I can't come up with one shocking grace a week--my eyes are not open. Await the fruit of repentance.