Thursday, July 13, 2006

Go for it Josh!

My wife just called me today with news of a new job offer. Apparently Switchfoot (the greatest rock band of all time) is in need of someone to play the cow bell. I post this so that the friends who might see this (and say they are not musically talented) will be encouraged to step out in faith.

So I pulled this picture of Josh Jordan to let you guys encourage him to cow bell for the band from San Diego. Actually this is a shameless ploy to get Josh to enter the blogosphere.


Chris said...

Is Josh wearing a hairpiece in that picture? Don't you have to have rhythm to play the cowbell?

Rob Tombrella said...

Well you know--emerging guys do what they want--rhythm or not.

Rob Tombrella said...

actually, Josh needs to borrow Nates gold medallion.

Aaron said...

Will Josh answer the call?
Will he step up to Rob's challenge and enter into the blogosphere?
Will he become the next cow-bell ringer for the greatest rock band of all time?
Tune in next week, same Rob time, same Rob channel...

Rob Tombrella said...

Eureka! It worked! I got this email this morning!

Rob this is too much. I feel the heat to blog and cow bell for Swithchfoot. As far as the cow bell goes I will have to decline. As a former Baptist any shaking of a cow bell could lead to shaking elsewhere and we call that dancing. Speaking of emerging how did a "former" baptist like yourself begin to like cow bells or rock music. Rob the name "switchfoot" in most baptist circles would be considred that thing you do during the fourth stanza of some old hymn after you had been standing to long. As far as blogging goes I prefer letters. So, I will right down all my daily thoughts and mail it to you at the end of the week. And by the way how did you get that picture of me at my wedding?

Seriously, this is what happens when I read my e-mails at the end of the day and respond. I actually have been thinking about blogging but I'm not sure about it yet. Thanks for the encouragement though. I will let you know as soon as I launch


Rob Tombrella said...

No, the ultimate cow bell story that I ever experienced was when I supply preached a couple of Sundays for a church in seminary.

They had about 12 people in the service--all over 75--and one 10 year old boy.

5 minutes before the service was to start in the sanctuary we were meeting in for the Sunday School hour--an elderly saint brought in this massive bell and rung it back an forth.

It was the loudest, and most disturbing Sunday School bell I'd ever heard.

Seems like a gentle "We're done in 5 minutes" would have worked. But alas--the Sunday School bell is vintage for us baptists.

Anonymous said...

Cowbells rock!!!

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