Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Pursuit of Holiness

In the winter of 2001 I was experiencing an incredible spiritual dryness that I couldn't seem to shake. I was immersed in studies at seminary and regularly practicing spiritual disciplines, but was aching for joy and passion for things that had become cerebral and merely academic.

My friend Justin gave me Sam Storms' book Pleasures Evermore because of Pipers thundering endorsement. What I discovered as I read was the theology of Edwards and Piper put to illustrations that seemed to beam light on my darkening understanding of God's passion for my passion for God. My heart began to reawaken and stir and hunger for Jesus. I discovered that I had begun to leave my first love and that God was calling me back to a passionate pursuit of Jesus.

The single-most profound statement that Dr. Storms hammers home chapter after chapter is that "holiness is falling in love with Jesus."

This phrase will serve me until my body is transformed into the likeness of the One I will enjoy in an everlasting and ever-increasing way forever.

"Human holiness is nothing other than a God-besotted life." John Piper


justin said...

Great post. Someone will real skill must have taken that picture.

Praise God for Dr. Storms' impact and that sentence: The key to holiness is falling in love with Jesus.

Rob Tombrella said...

Sorry, didn't mention the awesome guy behind the camera. Hey that would make you the guy that gave me the book and took the photo.

justin said...

And the only guy who comments on your blog. Where are all your other hommies? This blog is too good to be enjoyed by only me.

Keep up the shocking and reality-forcing posts.

Rob Tombrella said...

I'm told over and over by people that they read it but in the end--they sadly never comment. something about updating their blogger account. Aaron--this means you.

Aaron said...

I simply don't think that I can keep up with you super theological lego-maniacs! I have not read Pleasures Forevermore, nor anything else that Storms has written (except for a few articles here and there). You guys are like Calvin and Luther and I am the little kid in the church trying to figure out why the preacher is always looking at me. I do hope to one day be as sharp as you two are, and maybe that will happen... but for now I must relegate myself to sitting in the corner listening to two intellectual giants discussing the glories of the gospel.

Chris said...

We are here Justin, we are here. Lurking and soaking in Rob's brilliance.

I am actually considering a blog that follows the postings on Rob's blog.

Rob Tombrella said...

Aaron---this is a clear case of false humility--you have a passionate heart and mind for truth that encourages me daily--like a tree planted by streams of water. That goes for you too Chris.

Mark Redfern said...


Great blog. I'll keep checking in. Blessings to you!


Aaron said...

False humility?! I am the most humble guy that I know!!

ok I repent. Btw, new jobby starts tomorrow!

Rob Tombrella said...

dude---you are humble.