Thursday, August 03, 2006

Christmas '06

If anyone wants to know what I would like for Christmas--here you go.


Chris said...

There is a thread that runs through this blog that I am starting to discern. I am guessing that you are a fan of Sam Storms and his teaching?

Rob Tombrella said...

For the following reasons

1. Through his writings, i see the glories of Christ and the centrality of Christ in all things
2. He challenges me to make my passion to ever delight in Christ.
3. He unashamedly believes the gifts are for today and tools to build faith in this glorious Christ.
4. He loves God with his mind as well as his heart. He wants to know as much about Jesus as possible--not to let it die on pride, but to enjoy more and worship more.

Just a few on the top of my mind. He's one of the few authors i would say "read everything he's written, and listen to everything he's preached" and those people are rare I know.

Tony Sok said...

Rob, perhaps we could get you one of those yellow shirts that Dr. Storms likes to wear. That would be a great start.

Rob Tombrella said...

yellow shirt? huh? will it help me see Jesus the way he sees Him?

justin said...

Yes, looking forward to getting some more Dr. Storms' audio.

Rob, see my most recent comments on the Prov. 16 post for a question for you.