Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Gospel Debate

A few months ago I began what has become an ongoing dialogue (or heated debate at times!) with a new employee named John (a friend from work and ELCA clergy).

We began discussing what we agreed with and what we disagreed with about the gospel first over lunch, and then in a series of emails that have not stopped.

After discussing this, starting Monday we would like to invite you into this ongoing debate between John and I on the essence of the gospel. Note, not necessarily the centrality of the gospel. We would both agree to the centrality of the gospel. But rather, the essence of the gospel--what is the gospel verses what it isn't and how we defend our beliefs.

We have both agreed to ask our friends to participate in this debate and to keep it friendly and aim to truly understand the case for the other side.

We are not representative spokesmen--but it will be interesting to see in the coming days how a clergyman from the ELCA camp understands the gospel verses a person from a Sovereign Grace Ministries camp.

We will let you begin where we did, with a couple of short emails--and let the conversation unfold. On each post, we want you to comment on what you agree with or disagree with about what has been said and why.


Joshua Jordan said...

Rob,excellent idea! I love to hear that you and John care to get the gospel right. If there is anything we need to labor hard and long for is the truth and essence of the gospel. I would love to join in the conversation not because I think I can be helpful (God help me to do so)but because I love to talk about the glories of Calvary.

Tony Sok said...

Thanks again, brother for helping us emulate Christ through the sharpening of our faith. It's apparent that you both strive for the "pure gospel." My prayer is that all would see Christ more clearly as he is shown in His Word. May the Spirit open our eyes to wonderful things in the Word.