Friday, August 04, 2006

What Craig does on Sunday

Aside from the showmanship, how does the video of this magician show what the best preachers do? Enjoy the ultimate Friday post.


Tony Sok said...

"Wow, mind-blowing, he would give David Copperfield, and David Blaine a run for their money." If only Craig could levitate, like David Blaine, perhaps have a drama during his sermon, and had Siberian Tigers jumping through flaming hoops in the background. This would drastically increase the attendance on Sundays. (Please I'm joking, don't suggest these things to Craig, (this means you Aaron), although I would enjoy it tremendously).

Rob Tombrella said...

What came to my mind after i rolled in laughter was that preaching is basically doing this (outside of the guy trying to decieve us into thinking he's making these things happen).

No smoke and mirrors. No need to be clever. Just show what's there.

Preachers are called to point people to the realities that already exist in the text--not worry about creating new ones. Your supposed to think, "wow, look at that truth, or look at that Savior!" not "that guy is amazing!"

Outside of the showmanship and the slick shirt--Craig does this Sunday after Sunday--as well as the best preachers I've heard over the years.

Of course, if we could get him to wear that shirt and levitate--he might set a cool trend.