Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Does Your Preaching Do This?

I saw this comment on Bruce Chant's blog this afternoon about Matt Chandler at the Village.

Chandler, for my personal edification, is my favorite preacher right now. I listen to probably eight different preachers via podcast, some weekly, some less so, all for the different things I can learn from these men of God. But if I was only listen to one, I would pick Chandler. Why? I find myself closer to Jesus when I’ve finished listening to and digesting his sermons than when I began. And that’s really the whole point isn’t it?

I totally agree. Matt Chandler has a unique blessing by God in his preaching to achieve this fruit. Like this blogger, I experience a "unique closeness to Jesus" when I listen to Chandler as well. I think God blesses his ruthless humility from the pulpit and faithful exposition to point people to a beautiful gospel. Is this not the goal of all preaching? Way to go Matt.

Incidently-I expect at least Justin to answer the above question--since he's the only one I'm sure will read this.


justin said...

Yes, true preaching should lead the believer to Jesus. But not for unbelievers.

I have not listened to much recent Chandler. Last time I listened to him (a year ago) I was outraged by what he said. I should give him another shot.

Rob Tombrella said...


He's been doing an excellent job with Hebrews. Give him another shot.

Bruce said...

Good to know there's some other Chandler "fans" out there Rob!