Thursday, May 04, 2006

Today at Aaron's

I was late getting to the clinic today. I missed Crim and then tried to circle around. In my usual display of directional imbalance, I spent 30 minutes just making my way back to LBJ, and then back to the clinic. In all, I spent about 10 to 15 minutes at the clinic—not enough time to do anything but observe.

I was surprised to not see the guard outside today. I was burdened to see so many cars. I’ve only been a couple times to Aaron’s, but there were more cars than I remember seeing—at least 20.

The only chance I had to hand off a flyer was to what looked like a young, professional woman that looked more like a doctor or a nurse going to lunch than a girl about to have surgery. Of course, she could have been coming in to set the appointment for another day.

As she drove out the front entrance I approached her car in the most humble way trying to get her to acknowledge I had something for her to read. She avoided eye-contact the way I do to cars on Eldorado when I’m late for work. She left me smelling the fumes of her Nissan Altima.

A guy in a red car slowed down long enough for me to see his middle finger.

The saddest sight was a hispanic couple leaving the mill. As they were walking out to their car—he seemed in a hurry. She walked slowly behind. The way she swayed back and forth made it clear that she just had an abortion. She seemed in physical pain.

With the sun bouncing off the pavement, I walked back to my car passing the Day Spa next to the clinic. A huge sign reads "Surprise Her for Mother’s Day." The irony was tragic.

Aaron's Women's Clinic is a surgical abortion clinic in Dallas that performs abortions through the legal limit of 24 weeks.


justin said...

I want to hear more about this. How often do you do this? What do you hand out?

Just a thought: Would it be legal/wise to go to abortion clinics and actually tell women that you will adpot their baby and pay for all the medical bills? Many women may have never met anybody willing to raise their baby. They may have the attitude that nobody would take him/her. This would be a powerful statment and give them a more difficult choice. Also, wouldn't this save a whole lot of money by not going through an agency to adopt? All it would require is medical/legal fees?

I expect a full answer to these questions from my resident adoption scholar.

Rob Tombrella said...

This is something I've done sporadically on lunch hours--but something I want to do weekly. I just have a flyer with abortion facts "Before You Choose" and a map to the closest pregnancy help center which happens to be done through Prestonwood.

It is completely legal to tell a woman you desire to adopt their baby outside of an abortion mill. The only wisdom check would be being ready in case she actually says "really?" and having the finances and legal counsel to move forward with this.

I've thought of showing a picture of Sam to any woman who would talk with me just to be a living example of thousands of couples that would adopt her baby if given the chance--though I've not done this.

If by God's grace a relationship was formed by sidewalk counseling and an adoption actually occurred--it would save a lot of money you wouldn't pay a third party that serves to match families. There would be a lot more potential messiness though--all the more reason to have a guarded heart and good legal counsel. I would like to hear from people who have ended up adopting because of sidewalk counseling.

Get Clif in on this.....

Clif Cummings said...

Forgive my delay in responding. It has been a busy week and I have actually been putting in some significant thought to this matter.
I believe too often we as evangelical churches are quick to condemn those who honestly view abortion as the only solution to their problem (sin) without being prepared to provide a real and viable alternative.
Let me explain. It is too easy to round up a group of evangelicals for a pro-life rally, a life-chain or a track distribution day in front of an abortion clinic and NOT actually become an active part of the solution. It's even easier to ask people to give money to support pro-life clinics because many of them may give to soothe their own guilgy concious. We are so eager to put energy and resources into stating what we are against - but so neglectful in putting the same amount of energy and resources in actually providing the solution. (Even as I am writing this, I'm reminded everytime I point a finger, there are three fingers pointing back at me!)
Having adopted both of my children, and having helped other couples with the adoption process -I know first hand that there are thousands of couples who would leap at the chance to adopt a child. But, most of the time when the process begins to involve adoption agencies and outside lawyers the cost becomes prohibitive for too many willing
Also, I have the assumption that many girls (ladies)hesitate placing their child for adoption (notice I did not use the words giving them up for... but placing them as God guides and provides) when it involves "just another agency". To them the abortion clinic is the "easier agency to deal with."
So - what is a possible solution for evangelical churches whom God has given the opportunity to make a difference in this area because of their location and the people in their church? If this is honestly going to be a ministry priority - it comes down to resources. Just how pro-life are we? Are we willing to set aside the financial resources, the energy, the time to pray, the time to train and involve people, the time to search out pro-life lawyers and doctors, the time to discover Christ honoring couples wanting to adopt, the time to equip ourselves so that we can honestly walk up to the persons on the sidewalk infront of the abortion clinic - and by God's grace they choose to not enter that clinic - the church, a local evangelical church - is prepared to rescue a life in the name of Jesus and for the sake of the Gospel.
Just some thoughts from a fellow follower of Jesus.

Rob Tombrella said...

Powerful comments Clif---thanks.

I also want to explore the best way to actually be a source of grace to girls going into a clinic.

Can a church--a body of believers adopt a clinic? Actually have people in the church that have the money and calling to adopt a baby so that people from the church could make that an actual claim to woman going in or considering it?