Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Empty Well of Blogging

I get much spiritual benefit at times throughout the day from looking at different blogs. I have a lot of "in between" time while on hold in which I can glance at a post and read a quick comment. Sometimes it is very insightful and many times I get benefit from them.

But today I was reminded of the primacy of the Word of God. I had to go outside with the primary source--the very words of God and hear Him. I read through Colossians and was reminded that the Bible is the word of God and that we hear His voice as we read His word. Felt good just to be cleansed from the emptiness of "second-handers" (as Spurgeon would say) and just feast on the very words of Christ.

Wesley said, "Oh let me be a man of one book!" Pray that I will use my in-between time for a lot less blogging and more meditating on the Word. Pray against being up on the latest "cool" post and more enthralled with the words of Christ.

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